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Interested in showing appreciation to those who are first responders, such as police, fire fighters, and those working in the hospitals? Join the Community Connection and adopt a first responder. Paul Shoff is the director of this endeavor. Contact Paul and he will give you a name and an address (address is of the business, not a personal address). Send that person a card, a personal letter, or even a token of your appreciation such as a gift card. Invite your children to participate by drawing pictures or writing notes. 

Let's show our community that Yorkshire cares!

Paul Shoff: Phone-(717)424-4277 or email-

Whether you're looking to hone your Bible skills, develop your faith, grow closer as a couple, or share your talents in our worship arts ministry, there are opportunities for you to flourish at Yorkshire. Click the links below for more information.

Valentine's Dinner

No, it wasn't even near Valentine's Day but on February 28. Those attending has a lovely dinner of fried or baked chicken and delicious side dishes and desserts from the great cooks who attended. 

The photos, below, are from the games we played. Susan and Tiffanie organized the games and they did a great job! Everyone had a pink bag to put the goodies in that we could obtain. The games resulted in quite a mess of cellophane wrap and wrapping paper on the floor. Dale couldn't resist making angels on the floor with the mess and we helped by throwing more stuff on top of him. It was a FUN night! Thanks, Alex, for the great photos!

Vacation Bible School

This year, our Vacation Bible School has been canceled due to the uncertainty of the duration of the pandemic. 

The theme and lessons that were planned for this year will be postponed to next year. Expect news about this in the winter of 2021!