Tru Curriculum

  • Two different formats: Large Group Edition at 9AM, Classroom Edition at 10:45AM. (See below for a description of each!)
  • Every lesson teaches theology (how to think about God). For example, rather than learning "David and Goliath" the ponder point (key point) of the lesson is "God is Victorious".  This allows even the youngest children to learn mere stories, but rather testaments to the greatness of our God!  
  • Worship Response is an opportunity for children to respond to the lesson on their own through song, prayer, crafts, writing, or other activities. This teaches children to take ownership of their faith.                  
  • The Whole Bible  | Tru curriculum covers the Bible in chronological order at an age appropriate level. By the time your child has come up through TRU, he or she will be very familiar with the Bible, God, and understand how he or she is part of the Big God Story!                                
  • Empowering Parents | You have a lot to do as a parent. Despite your best intentions, it can sometimes be difficult to facilitate meaningful family devotion times in the midst of a busy week. That's why we are excited about HomeFront, a weekly guide to help you preview the coming week's Sunday school lesson with your child. Homefront provides information, reading suggestions, and questions to discuss with your child. We believe parents should be the primary faith-teachers for their children, and this is one way we can help you in this significant role. Click Here To Receive Homefront In Your Email Each Week!



At 9:00AM, children age 3 and older are invited to come to the worship celebration for the opening songs. This allows children to be exposed to worship and to worship with their families—an important value! Following the children's sermon with one of our pastors, children are dismissed to Sunday school featuring the Tru curriculum including high-energy music, large group games, varied Bible teaching methods, personal reflection times, and small group discussions and activities. 

Age appropriate questioning and activities enhance this hour of Sunday school for our 3 year olds through sixth graders.

Room 101 | Preschool

Room 203 | Kindergarten—5th grade