Sunday morning sermon series

“Coming Closer to Christ” is Dr. Brown’s new message series for the Sundays of Lent at Yorkshire Church. As the purpose of Lent is to do just that, come closer to Christ-likeness, this series of messages is designed to provide insight and help as to how that might be done. Here are the titles in this new series.

            March 8 – “Stop This—Start That”

            March 15 – “Finding Your Joy”

            March 29 – “Learning to Play”

            April 5 (Palm/Passion Sunday) – “Living in God’s Presence”

            (Maundy Thursday) April 9 – “Remembering the Future”

            (Good Friday) April 10 – “Looking and Listening for God”

            EASTER DAY, April 12 – “Living in the Future NOW”

On March 15, Dr. Brown continues with this series with the message, "Finding Your Joy". We all yearn for that place of rest, that place where our lives are lived with purpose and joy. It's the place we like to think about, but we never seem to get there. Why is that? Our lives are meant to be so much different, fuller, richer, and deeper than what they so often are. We know it. We feel it. We miss it. Our everyday pressures keep muddying our memories and distance us from the joy God intends for us. Yet, when we get a moment, it's the very place we dream of being-at home, at peace; content in it's joy. Take a moment for worship, next Sunday. Come and find your joy! 


Mission Sunday and its One Great Hour of Sharing is March 22nd at Yorkshire Church. Our focus is on our ministries beyond our church walls, our global outreach that begins in our community and extends around the world through our United Methodist connection and specifically through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). 

            Our Mission Sunday speaker at Yorkshire will be Rev. Luke Harbaugh. Rev. Harbaugh is part of the ministry of HOPE INTERNATIONAL based in Lancaster. HOPE INTERNATIONAL is an exciting micro-financing outreach that teaches people how to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining by becoming entrepreneurs, investors and partners with others in similar ventures all while rooting their lives and business in solid Christian principles. 

            We will receive a special offering on this day to support the ministry of UMCOR. There is no mission organization in the world like UMCOR for 100% of the gifts given to UMCOR are used to alleviate the misery and mess that accompanies natural disasters and the human consequences of them.  

ash Wednesday service


March 8 – “Stop This—Start That”